Masters in Artistic Direction and Musical Management

The MaDAMM Masters

The Masters aims to develop a person highly specialised in the conception, design and management of cultural events, with particular reference to the world of music. This professional person will be characterised by particular cultural, artistic, managerial and legal skills that are useful to those working in the field of culture.
The Masters courses are aimed at everyone who wants to work with culture and for culture.


  • Training professionals able to face the historical, financial, strategic, legal and technological issues of the world of cultural industries (public and private).
  • Training professionals who can transform music and the arts into a territorial marketing project linking culture-territory-tourism-private enterprise.
  • Training professionals able to assess the feasibility of a musical project, both from a technical point of view and from managerial and strategic perspectives, knowing how to manage all the professionals involved.
  • Training professionals able to use culture as a strategy for private companies by creating projects related to Emotional, Experiential and Relational Marketing.
  • Training professionals able to use digital marketing for Social Media marketing, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing projects.
  • Training professionals who can find opportunities in different environments: artistic direction of theatres responsible for the production of opera and symphony-chamber orchestra seasons, but also the general management of museums and public and private cultural foundations.
  • Training professionals able to coordinate the different phases of a theatrical production, a concert-symphony season or a music festival.
  • Training professionals able to conceptually design opera-symphony or chamber orchestra seasons, or to produce them themselves, taking responsibility for the plan of execution and the creation of a cultural enterprise.


The didactic activities, organised in modules, are subdivided into credits, for a total of 60 CFAs (academic training credits). The credits obtained can be used, in whole or in part, towards the continuation of studies in a level II degree in related fields.

The Masters has a duration of one academic year.

The following teaching areas are included:

  • M​usical disciplines – 16 CFAs (160 hours)
  • Financial and management disciplines – 6 CFAs (60 hours)
  • Legal disciplines for performances areas – 4 CFAs (40 hours)
  • Communication disciplines area – 10 CFAs (100 hours)
  • Linguistics area – Professional English – 4 CFAs (40 hours)

Of the remaining 24 CFAs, 8 will be earned in the execution of a final exam and 16 will involve internships at affiliated institutions.


Course methodology

A minimum of 15 to a maximum of 25 students will be accepted. If there are less than 15 registrations, the Masters will not start. To obtain the final qualification, a minimum attendance of 70% of the activities is mandatory.

Lessons will be held in part at the Luigi Boccherini Upper Institute of Musical Studies in Lucca and in part in the classrooms of Celsius srl. The Masters involves a total of 1,500 hours of work broken down as follows:

  • 400 hours of lectures
  • 700 hours of individual study
  • 400 hours of project work or internship at affiliated institutions

At the end of each teaching unit: written (production of a paper) or oral (interview) test.
At the end of the internship: approval by the academic tutor and the tutor of the host institution.
For the final exam: drafting of a thesis whose subject will normally be related to the internship.


The course includes seminars held by renowned professionals – lasting about two hours – related to the subjects that will be studied in depth in the Masters: theatre directors, experts in musical and cultural management, professionals in the world of marketing and communications, as well as artists. The seminars will be open to the public free of charge.


At the end of the Masters, all participants will be given the opportunity of interviews with the public and private institutions that are in partnership with the Masters to carry out the 475 hours of internship. The Scientific Committee may also take into consideration candidacies by the same student.


Educational qualification

The training activity carried out under the Masters is worth 60 CFAs (Academic Training Credits). At the end of the Master’s degree, the students who have performed the activities, attended the minimum percentage of course hours indicated, fulfilled the obligations required and passed the intermediate and final exams, will be awarded the Academic Masters Level 1 Diploma. (DISCOVER THE REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTRY)

Scholarships and free accommodation are available. For information call the Masters Administration Office.